As you may have noticed if you've either purchased products from our store or added items to your cart and got a shipping estimate, we do shipping a little differently around here. And if you've never visited this page, it may seem a little mysterious.

We believe you should pay to ship what you buy, and only what you buy. If you buy a sticker, you pay to ship a sticker, not some flat rate established arbitrarily. Therefore we have established a proprietary algorithm to determine shipping costs and here is how it works...

Basically we have about six different containers that we ship in and for each one we've determined what we think is a fair price. So, when shipping is calculated, we determine what size container we will need to use for all the items in your cart and you pay the corresponding container's price. It's actually pretty simple.

If you want to see what shipping will cost, just add the items to your cart and on the cart page click the button to "Get Quote". Unfortunately we cannot disclose our exact formula due to complexity and the fact that we are continually tweaking the algorithm. But we can tell you that we always have the customer in mind and strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

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